Water Wells

771 million people, 1 in every 10, do not have access to clean and safe water near where they live. When a community gets easily accessible clean water, it is transformative. It brings life into the community again.

With access to clean, safe water, more families can spend more time studying or working. They don’t need to spend hours each day walking to collect water. Villages can focus on building lives rather than struggling with water-borne illnesses. The iHope Foundation digs communal water wells in remote areas where it might take hours to walk to a water source. With our 20ft deep concrete constructed wells, we finish them with mosaic tiles to bring colour to the community.

We also help provide water taps to give better access to clean water in schools and homes.

By donating to the iHope Foundation, you provide safe, clean water within the heart of a community. It not only means fewer diseases but also gives people the opportunity to live fuller lives. With your donation of £2, £3 or £5 per month, or one-off contribution you can help villages build a new water well and help the community to dream again.