Building a Better World: The iHope Foundation's Commitment

Our approach is straightforward yet profoundly impactful. Our mission is simple ‘to provide the fundamental essentials of life’ through the provision of food and water.

By extending our support precisely where it’s needed, the iHope Foundation empowers communities to channel their efforts into other essential aspects of life that foster progress and community growth.


Who We Support

At the iHope Foundation, we collaborate with dedicated teams of volunteers to drive positive change in the communities we serve.

Central to our programme is the provision of essential needs for both families and individuals. We’ve devised a tiered support system, with a focus on priority groups that include widows, single mothers, orphans, individuals with disabilities and vulnerable people as well as families on low income. (This list is not exhaustive or necessarily in that order)

By giving regular donations through a monthly direct debit or volunteering with our projects, the iHope Foundation can truly transform the lives of those engaged in our initiatives and extend our reach to even more communities.

water projects in the Gambia (ongoing)

Provided over 1000 food packs to families in The Gambia

Provided 10,000 hot meals and over 250 food packs in Bangladesh

Sponsoring 14 orphans from 14 different countries (ongoing 2018-2026)


Our Fundraising Promise


Regrettably, the need for charitable assistance has never been more pressing than it is today. At the iHope Foundation, we deeply appreciate the level of dedication you demonstrate when you choose to donate. Your decision to support our cause is a profoundly personal one, a commitment to improving the life of someone you may never meet, but whose gratitude knows no bounds.

Every penny and every hour of your valuable time contribute to our projects, and it’s your unwavering trust in us that fuels our determination to deliver real change to the communities we serve. Rest assured, your decision to stand by us is not just right; it’s a powerful force for good.

We are here to last

Our projects help communities improve their lives when they are most in need. This doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t mean always choosing the cheapest option, but the right choice. We invest in the right support for the communities we serve in every decision made.

We Keep You Informed

You want to know how your donations are being used. We understand that and will send you regular updates on every penny spent and about each project. Once you decide to donate to the iHope Foundation, you become part of our community, and we welcome you with open arms.

The Charity Commission Regulates Us

You want to trust that every donation made is carefully accounted for. We track our fundraising efforts and provide regular financial reports to The Charity Commission for England and Wales. You will also receive regular financial updates. Our integrity is what keeps our communities thriving.

100% Donation Policy

Our Latest Projects

Water Taps

Water Taps

The iHope Foundation working in collaboration with The Gambia National Water Company (NAWEC) helps install water taps within communities to give access to clean water in schools and homes. A water tap connection can range between 10 to over 150 meters of digging and...

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Water Wells

Water Wells

771 million people, 1 in every 10, do not have access to clean and safe water near where they live. When a community gets easily accessible clean water, it is transformative. It brings life into the community again. With access to clean, safe water, more families can...

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Food Programme

Food Programme

Our outreach teams provide the basic food essentials to communities that struggle with a lack of wholesome foods. Having little access to a range of fruit and vegetables, malnutrition-related illnesses bring communities to their knees. Malnutrition kills entire...

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